Here I have included some website work I've done either for a course or a client. Moving forward, this page will get regular updates to include more recent work.

Bluegrass Mystery Theatre

The original Bluegrass Mystery Theatre website was dated and needed a revamp. Something colorful, stable, and responsive. I built up the site to meet the client's needs. In this case, she needed a newer, more stable site to advertise her local dinner mystery theater events.

I did not do a complete lift and shift from one server to another or one content management to another. This was a complete rebuild. Additionally, many of the preexisting elements had to be updated (e.g., show and cast bios were rewritten and some higher resolution images were used in place of old, blurry ones).

As part of my service for building her site, I currently maintain the updates and content.

Omnifood Project

This is one of my Udemy learning projects. The course has since done a redesign, but I liked how this one turned out. I learned a lot while doing this project.


Jubilee Austin (landing page)

These are both older projects I did as part of my Skillcrush curriculum.